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What product can I order ?
You can order any product (within the limits of the laws of your country).
Caution : In the case of products exceeding 30 kg, we would have to go through a provider other than Japan Post as DHL, TNT or UPS. Their prices are often very expensive.

On which site can I order ?
Any site, insofar as the site has something to sell, of course (^_-)

Can you go in a shop to make a purchase ?
In some special cases, we can agree to move to make a purchase for product not found on the net. Note however that the begotten costs will be at your expense.

What should I do to place an order ?
You must send us an email with a list of links that you're interested in.
In the case of auctions, do not forget to specify the maximum bid.
To buy clothes or shoes, size and color if the choice is available.
In the case of shops, please specify the address, the exact product references as well as any information you consider useful to us. Feel free to be very precise in your request because if a mistake in buying the product is made, we will not be responsble for.

Can I place myself a bid ?
We can create an account on Yahoo.
For 2500 yen a year, you can place your auction up to 4999 yen per auction.
For 5000 yen a year, you'll have access to an account without a cap for auction.
That means you can bid on items to 10000, 50000, 200000 yen, as you see fit.

Can I order products before they're launched ?

For all that is pre-order, not the slightest problem, but we will ask you to pay the corresponding amount at the time of your order, not when the product will be released.

Can you book concert tickets,
hotel nights, etc. ... ?
Of course, we can make any kind of reservation, and even assist you in various steps to facilitate your trip to Japan.
Please contact us beforehand to properly define the various terms of such an organization.

Can I cancel an order ?

Except in very exceptional cases, the answer is no, whether for purchases in shops, auctions or pre-order.

How do I pay ?
You can choose between Palpay or international money order.
In two cases, the bank charges are at your expense.
The payment can be in any currency but pay attention to exchange rates and the costs that may result for the Yen converting.
We strongly recommend you to directly pay in Yen.

How much will cost me the product I want ?
Very difficult question . We invite you to visit these pages:
Our prices
Order examples
(On this last link at the page bottom , you will have 2 links directing you to the website of the Japan Post - English - learning about the rates of shipments)

How long does it take to the package to be delivered ?
Of course, this depends on the shipping method, but also the time to have your payment confirmed.
For payment by Paypal, the confirmation is almost immediate while for an international transfer, can take a short week.
Then, for different shipping method, you have the following:

EMS - 3 days
Economy Air (SAL) - 2 weeks
Boat - 2-3 monthes
These times are just for reference and may vary depending on countries and even regions within a single country.

I still have a question ...
If ever you do not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us, we will do our best to answer you.
In this regard, if ever you had no response within 24 hours, thank you to send us an email, there is a risk that your mail was spammed.
For a first For a first contact, we invite you to use our form.

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