La Compagnie Du Japon

How to order (The Japan Company)

How to order with the Company Of Japan?

It's very simple!

The first step is to click on the "Categories" link.

Then you select the appropriate category in a particular area. Eg in Kimonos category, you can choose between kimonos for women, men, girls, boys and many more.

Note that if you can not read the following 例えば, please check that you have enabled the encoding of Japanese characters.

To do this, go to "View> Character Encoding> More Encodings> East Asian> Japanese"

If this manipulation still does not allow you to display the previous text, probably you did not install the necessary font. Click here to download it.
Then, on Windows, decompress the Zip file in the directory of your choice and install it from the Control Panel.

Each link will lead you directly to a specific page on Yahoo! Auctions.

Then, you just have to make your selection.

Once you have decided on the items, copy the addresses in an email that you send us.

Do not forget to enter your maximum bid (does not include shipping and banking commission).

Please note that to confirm your order, we will require a deposit payment which is calculated on the total amount of your maximum bid.

Our Prices

from 0 to 1999 yens 1000 yens fee
from 2000 to 9999 yens 2000 yens fee
from 10000 to 99999 yens 20% fee
100000 yens and over
15% fee